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The Ankh Festival™ and Kemetic New Year Celebration

About The Ankh Festival™ and Kemetic New Year Celebration

Ntcher Heru Gives Ankh - The Gift of Life We gather to 'Empower Ankh (Life)', 'Raise Ankh (Life)', 'Receive Ankh (Life)', and 'Give Ankh (Life)' back to each other and creation, among other rituals and activities.

Ankh, not only is the symbol of life, the greatest gift to creation, it represents the very best conditions in life - what we call 'optimal living'. The symbol says it all in capsule form. It is the symbol of the 'way of creation' and the 'way of life'; it also represents abundance indicating the best quality of life. Additionally, Ankh as a Ntcher, recognized as such mostly by learned Seba, was the essence of which all of creation wanted. Ankh existed since before creation and of course throughout creation to this moment enabling you to read about it. Ntcher Ankh, like Ntcher Maat exist in the domain of the Ntcheru and is extended from one Ntcher to the other, it is they who in turn extend Ankh to throughout creation including to humanity.

Like Ntcher Maat, who in some respect is a state of being that is not to be disturbed, Ankh is a state of existence that is not to be disturbed; its endurance ensures the continuation and perpetuation of creation throughout eternity and everlastingness. In this light humanity is instructed not to deprive any aspect of creation of the gift of Ankh (life) without just cause. Hence, live-and-let-live, and the 'right to life' are concepts as old as the beginning of creation, embraced and perpetuated by our ancestors. They, our ancestors, celebrated Ankh (Life) as the greatest gift in various festivals and ceremonies. In keeping with our tradition, identity, and 'way of life' we have regenerated The Ankh Festival™.

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Preparation For the Festival / Celebration

Between now and the time The Ankh Festival-Celebration takes place you and I have work to do. Ankh of Gold

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Community Creates the Festival / Celebration

Ntcher Gives Ankh - The Gift Of Life Ta-Nefer Ankh the host of the first annual Ankh Festival™ and Kemet New Year Celebration is extending an invitation to all Kemetic-centered organizations/communities, and to all African-centered organizations/communities to join us in regenerating this Festival-Celebration, and extends an invitation to the global community to attend and celebrate the 'Gift of Life' with us.

Each organization/community is extended an opportunity to share in the rituals, dance, singing, drumming, performance, designs, cooking, set-up and take-down and in all of the activities that enable the Ankh Festival-Celebration to take place. In addition everyone, absolutely everyone is asked to donate money, resource and time to this event. Regarding donations adults are asked in the amount of adults: $5.00, and children (under 10 years): $1.00. Of course donations in larger amounts are welcomed towards covering the expense of the event.

A registry of donors will be presented to the Ankh Altar. Please give generously. Regarding your contribution and support:
Contact the Ankh Festival and Kemetic New Year Celebration Committee
Seba, Heru-Ka Anu, Chair / Seba, Nana Auset-Ka Anu, Co-Chair
Phone: 4410-664-1035 / Email:

Send your monetary contributions to the following address:
Ankh Festival and Kemetic New Year Celebration Committee
C/o Anu
1942 Greenhaven Drive
Baltimore, MD 21209
Make payments to: Ankh Festival-Celebration Committee

In addition: Please share information about The Ankh Festival™ and Kemetic New Year Celebration with everyone, please forward the address of this website so that your family, friends and community may know. Please copy and disseminate the flyer also. Ankh of Gold

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History of The Ankh Festival™ and Kemetic New Year Celebration

Seba, Heru-Ka Anu The Ankh Festival™ and Kemetic New Year Celebration™ represent a microcosm of the Kemetic society and the Kemetic 'Way of Life'. From the times that our ancestors came to know and understand the Ntcheru and their 'Gift of Life' to creation and to humanity they paid deference to them on a daily basis, resulting in 'The Way of Life' and 'The Way of the Ntcheru'. The 'Gift of Life' was extended with the responsibility that we would live the Way of Life seeking 'Optimal Relationships' with everyone and everything.

After several hundreds, or even thousands, of years of disconnect from our formal and traditional way of paying deference to the 'Gift of Life' and to the 'Givers of Life' the ceremony and rituals have been regenerated into a formal festival-celebration by Seba, Heru-Ka Anu, that reconnects us and gives structure to our relationships with the Ntcheru (the 'Givers of Life') and to their gift - Ankh (the 'Gift of Life').

The Ankh Festival™ and Kemetic New Year Celebration restores Ankh to its rightful place - i.e. front and center in our life, and calls us to honor and respect it as we have been given the responsibility to, and as our Ancestors did. The Festival-Celebration galvanizes our knowledge, understanding, energy, and commitment to recognize Ankh as a manifestation and microcosm of creation within each of us to be honored and revered, and as being greater than any of our wants or desires; it calls us to hold sacred its existence which is the foundation of our existence.

Seba, Heru-Ka Anu, has accepted the responsibility given to him by the Ntcheru, the Ancestors, Those-Present and Those-Future to 'redesign and regenerate' the foundations upon which the Kemetic Way of Life, in particular, and the African-Centered and Global Community can build and thrive. Seba, Heru-Ka Anu calls us to use the example of our ancestors, who took civilization around the planet, to take the initiative to join in regenerating The Ankh Festival™ and Kemetic New Year Celebration into an extraordinary occasion that impacts our lives in the tremendous ways that the Ntcheru meant for Ankh to do. Ankh of Gold

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